About us

Find out all about us here...What we do, the areas we cover, our history and our commitments to you.

What we do...

We provide a full range of services to the building and landscaping industry, both for commercial and domestic clients. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our client testimonials reflect this point. For more on what our clients think, you can view our testimonials here. Our projects are managed throughout to the highest standard, as such we encounter very few problems during the completion phase. Naturally, problems can and do arise from time to time, it's the nature of the trade. This is where you will notice the project management and planning the most, as any problems are quickly addressed with the minimal fuss. This helps to ensure your project runs as smoothly and hassle free as it possibly can.

Areas we cover...

We are based in Stoke-On-Trent and provide regular services across the city and neighboring towns/areas. We also take on projects from further afield and have managed projects from all over the UK.

Our history...

Capewell Contracts were established in early 2013, born from managing director Steve Capewell's vision of providing first class services to the building and mainenance industry. Over 15 years experience managing high profile building projects through large scale companies has led Steve to realise that there is a better way. Taking both his experience gained and vision for a better future. He formed Capewell Contracts with the hope of helping future clients manage their projects with less hassle, stress and problems than before. Importantly, Budget management is also high on the list, having witnessed clients budget requirements not met in previous companies and the distress this can cause, has brought Steve to the conclusion that once a budget and price for a project is set, that is the price the client pays.

Our commitment to you...

Capewell Contracts are commited to providing the best service we can. That service is, we believe, amoung the best in the country for all building and landscaping project management. We endevour to help our clients from initial consultation, right through to project completion, with:
  • Advice and planning of your project as a whole
  • Budget setting and sticking to your budget
  • Smooth operation before, during and after works have commenced
  • Support throughout your project via phone, email and in person
  • A dedicated project manager to oversee each project
  • Health and saftey advice and implementation throughout